Sunday, 27 December 2015

Wet Weather

We had some rain yesterday.

Jean-Luc and I are not flooded but some good friends of us are.
We worked with them until three o'clock to try and stop the water but sadly we failed and we all evacuated to ours.  The water was almost waist deep and the smallest child was piggy backed out by Jean-Luc (their Dad stayed to secure the house and stay there overnight).
 Luckily we had all had showers and got warm before our power went off; thank goodness for turkey and cranberry sauce = sandwiches for all.
We sat in the candlelight, played scrabble and drank wine and hot chocolate.
The Nu even allowed their cats to camp out in our loft bedroom - it's good to know everyone's pulling together. :-)
We all spent today with them pulling up carpet, sweeping out water, moving furniture, throwing out water sodden mattresses and taking photos for their insurance claim.  

We are keeping our eye on the river at the back of our house - it's a field and nature reserve away but water has crept past both those and is now lurking at the bottom of the field.

Fingers crossed that we have no more heavy rain and that all our waterways stay where they should be.

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