Monday, 7 December 2015

After the Storm

Well we were battered by a horrendous storm this Saturday, but fortunately not nearly as badly as slightly further north; although all train services heading north out of our nearest major town have been cancelled.  
Today I took advantage of the bright and fairly calm day to get out and get some fresh air and sunshine and took a walk around the village.

 The light through leaves, trees, across fields and on old brick walls was amazing.
It seemed to give everything a luminous quality, picking out accents that caught the eye like stained glass windows.

The clouds were, for once, not the main feature but a lovely contrast to an amazingly clear blue sky.

The village was busy with people and traffic and our favourite pub (the Lord Nelson) was looking as cheerful as ever.

Two of my favourite views; the river (not in flood thankfully) and an old building slumping slowly into dereliction and doing it quite picturesquely thank you.
A lovely breath of fresh air and a great walk to lift the spirits.

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  1. A gentle walk is a most restorative thing :-}