Thursday, 10 December 2015

Harrogate 2015

Many months ago I went to Harrogate for an amazing day out looking at quilts.
Gorgeous, sumptuous, delightful quilts.

How clever is this.  So painterly.

 Amazing techniques.

Beautiful colours.

 How clever is this aerial view!



 This quilt was my 'Star of the Show', pure magic.

Poppies were very much in evidence.

This was an absolutely amazing whole cloth quilt - all quilted by hand!

 Beautifully understated.

 This one looks toasty warm.

Subtle and elegant.

I love this Savannah quilt; so imaginative and the best use of animal print material I've ever seen.


Stunningly sophisticated.

Beautifully simple.  I can imagine a sick child snuggling up under this quilt.

It was wonderfully inspiring and a little bit intimidating; these quilters are so talented - I really need to get sewing.


  1. Some beautiful quilts, I must try to get to Harrogate for next year's show . . .

  2. I was going to tell you my favorite of these beautiful quilts but there are too many I would be here all day. These quilts are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with us.