Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Felicitous Frugality

A while ago I made some flapjacks - and they went wrong.  
I know! How can flapjacks possibly go wrong; even children can make flapjacks.  
Well I don't know what went wrong but I ended up with what could be best described as oaty crumble topping.
I went with the flow and used half of it to make a damson crumble which was delicious.
The rest of the crumble (formerly known as flapjack) went into the freezer for another time.
Yesterday Jean-Luc and I audited our freezers; something we do every couple of months to make sure we use everything and we don't end up with unlabelled containers of 'something' lurking at the bottom of them.
And there was my crumble topping and as I stared at it I was suddenly hit with inspiration.

Damson crumble cake!

I made an ordinary cake mix but added an extra egg for more liquid to offset the dryness of the crumble, then I chucked in a couple of large handfuls of the mix and the last inch of a jar of damson and elderberry jam I made earlier in the year.  Then I bunged it in the oven at 190 and forgot about it for a bit - hence the slightly overbaked top.
It'll never be a GBBO star but it did taste good this morning with a cup of coffee and my much looked forward to christmas reading pile.

How perfect is that cover!
I've recently come across the British Library Crime Classics; a series of murder mysteries from the 'Golden Age of Detective Fiction', which saw its heyday between the 1920's and 30's.  I bought these two as I feel a christmas murder mystery should be read in real book form and I'm planning to work my way through the rest of this classic series.  Oh joy!
These two books may seem a short list but the other ten books are waiting on my Kindle; a mix of tradition and convenience - like so many christmas traditions.

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