Monday, 21 December 2015

Toast and comfort

Last minute christmas shopping amongst the madding (or maddening) crowds in the pouring rain, followed by a cancelled train; cold and soaked through I finally make it home to find that some of us have looked out the window and gone 'Pfff' and drawn the covers back over their head.

 Yes the Nu really is under there - she'll no doubt emerge for dinner at some point.

In a desperate attempt to warm up I snuggled up in my crocheted shawl with a christmas themed murder mystery, a cup of tea and treated myself to an old favourite from Nigel Slater....
 ...avocado on toast.
I've mashed the avocado with some olive oil and black olive tapenade.
Luscious, tasty and strangely luxurious.
A taste of summer in the grim and dismal winter we've had so far.

The shawl of snuggliness.

1 comment:

  1. I have adog who would do just the same as Nu if she could only work out how to snuggle under the covers ... instead she just waits for Her Staff to put a blankie over her.

    Hopw you felt better once you'd dried out :}