Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Preserving an Obsession

Hi there.

I awoke in the night to a strange sound; like distant hollow laughter.  I struggled awake only to realise it was the sound of people laughing at my pitiful store of preserves, as pictured in my previous post.

 I know; jams, jellies and some chutney do not a canning cupboard make.
So for those of you who wish to see a real canning cupboard, chock- a-block with preserves and harvest goodies may I please direct you to the amazing Carol at Simply Free

Stare in awe and wonder at this glut of gorgeousness and understand - this is what I aspire to.  This is my goal.
For I shall become Master of the Universe and all shall tremble at the might of my canning cupboard.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Jean-Luc has just pointed out that while having goals is good, obsessions are not.  he also suggested i might want to cut down on my coffee intake as it seems to be making me a bit manic.  
Slink quietly away stage left, head hung in mortification.

But do go check out those preserves!

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  1. Ahhh.....thank you for the lovely comments and link to my blog. There is nothing wrong with big dreams in canning. Once you start you can't stop. It is healthy and you know what's in it. I can see in the future I am going to be the one jealous.
    Happy canning!