Friday, 13 February 2015

Hard Labour

It was my birthday yesterday.
 I went to work because I had 'an important budget meeting'.

While I was at work Jean-Luc gave me a gift without compare; his time and labour to make something for our future.

He bought me about about 4 tonnes of topsoil for the raised veggie beds and spent the afternoon wheelbarrowing it from the drop off point into the beds.
That's a hell of a lot of work and by the end of it he was aching, sore and bone tired. 
I was overjoyed and amazed when I saw them.  What can I say - actions speak louder than words sometimes.

Almost finished - it turned out the suppliers hadn't delivered all the soil as we were the second load on a lorry; but they delivered the rest today and I helped Jean-Luc shift it.

Totally finished beds awaiting the promised rain to help settle them down.
The next few weeks will be dedicated to cleaning out the greenhouse and starting to plant seeds.  Hopefully I'll do these beautiful beds proud and grow some bumper crops.

I took Jean-Luc out to dinner at our favourite posh Indian restaurant to say thank you.  

ps.  Overnight the local cats had discovered what must seem like the biggest litter trays in the village - there was a trail of pussycat paw prints right across two of them and a little hole dug in one corner.  So glad we could be of use to the local feline population.  I'm thinking a border of echinacea might deter them!

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