Thursday, 26 February 2015

A Nu Look at Beds

I was walking around the house the other day and suddenly realised just how many places the Nu has to rest in.
She has allowed me to photograph her places and generously agreed to comment on them.

This is where I like to sit in the evenings.  It is acceptable -the gel base is very soft and perfect for pugging  on.  As you can see it is quite correctly placed next to the radiator.

On very cold evenings I like to sit here on the side table in the dining table.  It is also next to the radiator and if it is very cold I can lie on the radiator.  If you look very carefully you can see the comb which they torture me with in the name of 'grooming'.  Pfeh! what do they think my tongue is for!

Here is where I watch the cat buffet from; sometimes I also nap here.
So far the cat buffet has offered blackbird, starling, wood pigeon, collared dove, blue tit, long tailed tit, robin, thrush, pheasant, moorhen, hedge sparrow; but strangely no condiments.  
Where are my condiments?  The service is appalling, a person could starve here; in desperation I snack at the dried food, it tastes like ashes compared to the possible feast I could be enjoying.

I do not sleep here, I store the pitiful toys they try to make me play with.  Why then, do they complain when I bring mice in at night for the same purpose?  
They remain a mystery to me.

During the day I sleep here.  If the Tom is home it is very warm as the computer heats the room nicely.  Also he does not try to stroke when I sleep.  Sleep is important and should be taken seriously.

This is where I sleep at night.  I have been too generous in sharing this with my humans and sometimes there is barely half a bed for me to sleep on.
You can see my glass of water on the floor by the bed.  I always drink out of a glass at night and now that they know they give me a glass of my own.
You can also see my blanket.  I have many blankets, unfortunately as soon as I get them smelling right they take them away and wash them.  They do this while I am sleeping somewhere else.
They did it again yesterday, I was so incensed I had to cough up a furball under the office desk; sadly the Tom noticed before he sat down.

I am exhausted now.  I must rest.


  1. I love this post!! But then again I am cat crazy too. Phantom too loves to share our bed at night. Spoiled? Maybe, but we love them just the same. Say meow to Nu for me! So cute!!

  2. Ah Carol. We exist to serve or at least open the cat food. :-)

  3. Dear Nu - have you tried climbing onto one of their pillows at night and drool-purring on them while kneading their ear? That's what our tortie used to do. Kitty vengeance. :)

  4. Hello Mrs M it's so lovely to hear from you. I'm happy to report that drool-purring is one of the Nu's ways of ensuring her personal space on the bed at bedtime, fortunately kneading is usually kept for beds 1 and 3 as they are more puggable. However walking over us is used to indicate it's breakfast time - even at 5.30am!