Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Of Birds and Bees

People have been very generous and bought me some lovely birthday presents.
Not only did Jean-Luc buy me the topsoil but he also bought me a bird table - along with bird food.
 The Nu was thrilled.  
As far as she is concerned we have just provided her with a cat buffet and three very large litter boxes!
She has already been seen crouching behind the holly bush with a barbecue and napkin at the ready.

My lovely sister bought me a Solitary Bee hive.  
Solitary bees; as their name suggests; don't form hives.
They look like honey bees and the females dig holes to lay their eggs.
This hive provides a place for egg laying females.

I've put it between the two veggie bed in the hope these potential new residents might pollinate the veggies.

The Royal Entomology Society has more information on Solitary Bees if you're interested.

I have real hopes that this garden will have a range of habitats that will be a huge benefit to the local wildlife. 
Urban biodiversity is a bit of a passion and thank you to my lovely loved ones who have made such lovely contributions to my dreams.


  1. I have been meaning to get one of these bee houses for sometime now. We have found some of these bees in our firewood pile the last couple of years. We need to save the bee population for sure. I know I am a bit late but Happy Birthday!

  2. It's lovely to hear from you Carol; especially after your close call with the blizzard!
    If anyone out there wants to check out Carol's amazing pictures of her recent blizzard go to http://simplyfreetwo.blogspot.ca/. They are truly scarey.