Friday, 6 February 2015

Decorating by Dot

Ok confession time - this post is nothing about simplicity or frugal living or sustainability.  It is purely about decorating; completely frivolous but also about making the house 'ours'.

Just before Christmas Jean-Luc and I decided to get some of the house painted.  The amazing Dot was recommended by an acquaintance and she was a completely brilliant professional.  Thorough, neat and the Nu loved her; so much so she kept following her around and getting her whiskers into everything - but not the gloss thankfully.

So what did the lovely Dot do?

She painted our halls, stairs, landings and awkward bits.  Basic magnolia and white to bring light into the stairwell and something calm to hang our pictures against.

 She turned the dark and dreary plaster in our bedroom into...

...this bright and cheerful bedroom.

And I finally got my quilt back on the wall - I've had this quilt hanging on every bedroom wall since I made it in the early 90's and having it up again really said 'Home' to me.

Dot also bought a touch of professional pizzazz to our living room.

It turned out the two greens we'd chosen were much too dark so after some hasty consultation with Dot, we decided to go with some much lighter shades, a sort of Wedgewood for the ceiling and spring green for the back wall.  
We were thrilled with the finished job - no more dreary, cold grey paintwork but a bright and cheerful room that becomes really cosy when the curtains are drawn and the lamps turned on.

 Once Dot had finished Jean-Luc put down some edging on the floor

and put in a ceiling rose; while I swept, vacuumed and washed floors before shifting furniture back.

All we need to do now is find a lampshade.

Thanks Dot!

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