Sunday, 12 March 2017

Tigers in the Bamboo

It's spring and as the days warm out we begin to venture into the garden once again.  A beautiful time of year but a dangerous one also, for woe betide any one who wanders too close to the bamboo thicket.
Before they know it they may well be ambushed by a well camouflaged tiger, waiting to spring on unwary prey.
Always a favourite ploy if you happen to be carrying pots or plants down to the greenhouse.
Otherwise in the garden there is exciting news - things are beginning to grow!
 The wild garlic is making a very welcome appearance and spreading nicely too.

 Baby chives share space with daffodils.
 The army of Lysimachia girds its loins as it prepares for a summer campaign to colonise new territories - much like the Roman Army.  Constant vigilance and strict patrols are the only way the cranesbill geraniums can protect their borders. There is much muttering from the rest of the plants in the border about Hadrian's Wall, especially when they have to also contend with the guerrilla like forays of the Fox and Cubs infiltrating the rest of the border.  Possibly a mistake to have planted that one!
 Rainbow chard still growing and still beautiful and delicious.
Baby Bloody Dock is growing by the hedge (and showing the appalling weediness of the back of the border).  This wild plant is a relative of Common Dock but is the young leaves are edible; they have a lovely lemony, slightly bitter taste similar to sorrel and are delicious in salads and with fish.
It's a wonderful time of year, full of plans and optimism for the veggie beds and visions of what the garden will look like, without the disappointment of slug, caterpillar and late frosts to dim one's hopes.  I can't wait for the wild garlic to get large enough to make some pesto with it - yum!


  1. The Lysimachia can be 'robust', is yours the yellow or purple? As for the cranesbill - don't worry, that can hold its own in potential World Domination stakes, we've just dug out tons of it.
    Your Chard looks lovely, mine has been cossetted in the greenhouse all winter and is also doing well.

  2. The Lysimachia is a gorgeous yellow and I am slightly embarrassed to say, one of the reasons I fell in love with this house.