Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Pretty Parcel

I'm crocheting socks at the moment and that requires stitch markers, until now I'd been using safety pins; cheap and convenient. 
Until, that is, one got entangled in the wool and had to be cut free.  At that point I decided I should probably get some proper ones and so I sent off to Charmed Knitting for some lovely markers.....
and amazingly quickly, this is what arrived in the post....
 .....beautifully wrapped,
 with a lovely card
and in a lovely bag some equally lovely crochet stitch markers with lobster claw clasps to clip on and off the stitches.
Actually, the first parcel to arrive was some knitting stitch markers which slide on to the needles and can't be used for crochet; so I rang Sophie who runs this company and explained what had happened, she checked the order and realised she'd made a mistake at her end...
...and then she apologised, said she'd send me the crochet stitch markers and not to return the knitting stitch markers but to keep them or pass them on to a knitter if I wanted.
The crochet stitch markers arrived the NEXT DAY!
So thank you Sophie for:
  1. lovely stitch markers
  2. beautiful packaging
  3. absolutely bloody brilliant customer service, which, frankly, many much larger companies could learn a huge amount from.
The other stitch markers will go to that fanatical knitter, my lovely sister.
This isn't a sponsored post, just giving some praise where it's due.

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