Saturday, 4 March 2017

A little bit of Hygge or Murfle

I know Hygge is 'The Big Thing' at the moment, but to be honest my sister and I knew about it decades ago; except as teenagers we coined our own word for it and that word was - Murfle.  It meant to snuggle down on a cold or rainy day with a hot drink and favourite book, it meant a thick, snuggly jumper and socks, it meant going shopping as adults and looking at something and saying 'it's very murfle isn't it?' and knowing that object was a reminder of home and comfort and the shutting out of a cold, harsh world.

So today after nearly two weeks of Jean-Luc being ill with viral laryngitis and an ear infection (and I suspect an accompanying throat infection) I felt the need to take a cheerful photo of the flowers I'd bought him.  It's a dynamic of our relationship that some may find strange, that when he is ill or miserable I buy him flowers or in summer I'll pick him a small posy from the garden for his office desk. It's my way of telling him I care.

Thankfully the rest and antibiotics are working and he's feeling a lot better but not so much better that I can't beat him at Scrabble - I don't see it as taking advantage but alternative health appraisal. 😈

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