Monday, 6 July 2015

Odds & Ends

I just had to post a picture of this stew.

This is a delicious cannellini bean, 3 tomato (canned, fresh and sun-dried) and pepper stew.
It's 340 calories and on a 5:2 fasting day that was cold and wet, it was the perfect warming dinner.  The portion looks huge, tastes great (yes even Jean-Luc likes it!) and is full of healthy veggies and beans.
The 5:2 is going well, I've lost a stone, despite over a month off when we were on holiday and I was ill with bronchitis.  I feel healthier, some clothes which didn't fit me now do and I'm not finding it difficult to stick to it at all.  I love the fact that although I normally fast on Monday and Thursday I can change the days I fast around to fit in with the rest of my life; this week I'm meeting a friend for dinner on Thursday so have changed my days.  I love the fact that if I choose to eat a muffin on a non fast day I haven't 'broken' my diet, if I eat pizza or chocolate (in moderation), that's ok.   I love the fact I don't have to say I can't eat that, I say I can't eat that - today.  I don't worry about 'sins' or 'points' or whether I can eat carbs, fats or drink a glass of wine.
 I love the fact I can establish a healthy relationship with food and lose weight. 

On a completely different topic, we received some post today.....
.....and yes the Nu has more economic cachet that we do.  She was sent two free food sachets and two vouchers for cat food; obviously someone at Tesco had spotted her food purchases and sought to curry favour with the most influential person in this household.  Unfortunately, they hadn't done all their homework as she doesn't eat this food; I did offer it to her but she wasn't convinced.  I rang Tesco clubcard customer services on her behalf - her suggestion was that a local cat charity might benefit from any future presents; I had a laughter filled conversation with a charming man (I think he was relieved it was such a trivial issue) and he quickly said he would make sure her food preferences record was corrected and that any future bribes should meet her standards.  
I find it incredibly creepy and intrusive that a supermarket is monitoring our purchases but hilarious that when they use that information they get it so wrong.
We certainly won't be shopping at Tesco's any more frequently than we do already and we certainly won't be 'faithful' to that supermarket.
The Nu prefers to keep her food preferences private.

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  1. Great job on the weight loss and getting healthier!
    Your right that is creepy but they are always trying to get us to buy another brand even in with pet food. I agree with Nu and loved her suggestion.