Monday, 13 July 2015

Diamond Days

Today the weather is dismal, stratiform cloud and associated persistent and heavy drizzle; however on the bright side, the garden and surrounding environs are wearing filmy veils of pearlescent grey studded with diamonds.

 One of the plants that wears this look best is the bronze fennel with its delicate tresses set off by the tiny diamonds of rain caught in its foliage.

Of course it has competition from the necklaces of spider silk and diamonds that dazzle from spiders webs.
When we were children my sister and I used to come across these beauties in the early mornings and imagine that fairies would gather these necklaces to wear to their festivities and even now I find something magical about their delicate elegance.
A reminder to me that even the dullest of days contains its own unique beauty.


  1. We complain of rainy days but your right there is probably more beauty in a rainy day if we would just go outside and really look. Thanks for reminding us.

  2. Yet again I'm on catchup - how do I keep falling so far behind? - and although I've giggled at Nu and admired a stew (rhyme unintentional) this post with its jewelled wonders is the one that has delighted me most.

    I hope the 5:2 is going well. I've been turing what I eat around and will start 5:2 ing again soon :o)

    1. Thank you for your kind words. We've had plenty of practice in admiring subtle beauties this summer and, as I type it has started raining yet again! Deep sigh of impatience.