Thursday, 15 October 2015

Threads of Entangled Dreams

I've been a fan of Julies blog and knitting for some time.
Julie designs and makes the most amazing animals; delightful creations full of personality and chutzpah.
I am constantly at awe at her skill and creativity.

I mean how good are these!  And look even more tiny toys for the animals. Amazing!

Julie also sells the patterns to these lovely animals so you can knit them yourselves -something way beyond my ability to do.

So - and here's the weird and totally lovely thing; after a day discussing with various family members, my fathers move to palliative care I was stressed and upset.  I went to bed and spent a surprisingly peaceful night dreaming of knitting these animals - complete with a Halloween theme of pumpkins, black capes and miniature burning horned skulls knitted in red angora to mimic flames.  
I know!  I was surprised too - I love the randomness and bizarre accuracy of dreams.

So thank you Julie for a peaceful nights sleep and a wonderfully surreal dream.

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