Sunday, 25 October 2015

Following On

This is amazing - I now have 3 followers.

Thank you lovely followers - you have made my day!


  1. Make that 4. Sorry it took me so long!

    Thanks for the lead on the tree - I followed it up, and it's most likely Winged Euonymus or Burning Bush - distinguished by the "wings" on the stem (if you enlarge the leaf photo in my blog post you can see ridges on either side of the stem, between each leaf set).

    As with most of the plant forms I really like, it's invasive. *sigh* Plant geekery may be indulged here:
    (hope the link won't send this comment to the Spam folder)


    1. Four! Woohoo! I am in blog heaven - thank you Mrs M.

      I do wonder sometimes about those historic plant hunters who took plants from dry and impoverished soils and, having bought them to other countries, planted them in moist, nutrient rich, well weeded tilth then stood back in amazement and said 'Oh that's growing very well isn't it, let's hope it doesn't take over the whole planet - oops too late'. Doh!