Thursday, 13 August 2015

Spring in Summer

Yesterday Jean-Luc and I had a small anniversary.

We celebrated quietly at home.  He'd had a long day of interviewing at work and I had managed to overwrite a much needed database - cue panic phone calls to IT support and pulling out of hair.
Luckily everything resolved itself but a little late in the day so I rushed up to the local shop and bought two bottles of bubbly stuff, one pink and one posh and these...

I then dashed out into the garden to pick one of the only things which has defied the cold late summer and numerous slugs to give me a decent crop - broad beans; one of Jean-Luc's favourite veggies.
I dug out some arborio rice,  snagged the peas and asparagus we'd fortuitously got the other day and made Risotto Primavera, with some added saffron to mark the special occasion.
I added these gorgeous nasturtium flowers just 'cos they made me smile.
And then we ate it and drank fizzy stuff and sat in the garden and both smiled.

Happy Anniversary Jean-Luc.
You are the butter to my bread and the breathe to my life. 

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