Monday, 10 August 2015

Soaking Wet and Sausage Barms

Jean-Luc and I staycationed last week.

We had no plans other than sleeping (Jean-Luc) and sewing (me).
We did however find a fantastic new place to go walking and explore.
We went to Rivington Pike, an area of watershed land that provides the water supply for a large part of the northwest.. The land was also owned by Lord Leverhulme; it used to contain his summer bungalow which was burnt down by leading suffragette Edith Rigby, who wonderfully stated in her trial "I want to ask Sir William Lever whether he thinks his property on Rivington Pike is more valuable as one of his superfluous houses occasionally opened to people, or as a beacon lighted to King and Country to see here are some intolerable grievances for women."

 We explored this amazing area over two days and saw Byzantine mazes of tree roots,

 echoes of past shores,

past fairy waterfalls

 the dilapidated Japanese Gardens,

 a wonderful bridge.  We walked over this the first time we visited but missed the lovely architecture in the torrential rain.

We climbed up the not inconsiderable hill and just above the treeline we paused to catch our breath and gaze at this fantastic view.

And onward up to Rivington Pike but as we turned around to start up the moor we espyed the huge black cloud lurking over its horizon.
 Quickly revising our plans we continued on to the Pigeon Tower 

By the time we reached the Tower it had gone all 'Wuthering Heights' and sheets of rain were sweeping across the surrounding area.  It really enhanced the Gothic splendour of the tower.  Mrs Danvers would have felt quite at home. :-)

Soaking wet and somewhat cold by the time we got back to the car park we discovered that Sunday is Biker Day and this meant that of course there was a mobile cafe there selling the most wonderful sausage barms to offer succour to the cold and wet walker/ biker.

We grabbed a couple of these delicious treats and spotted a perfect place to sit next to this beauty.
I have no idea what it is but I love it.  Look at that wicker basket.  Adorable.

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