Saturday, 13 June 2015

Hay Time

One of great joys of living in a farming village is watching the seasons change and the repeating cycle of farming tasks.  This last week it has been the turn of hay making.  I wrote about it here last year but couldn't resist the temptation to post some more pictures of this years work.

This was the hay field before mowing - full of buttercups and grasses.
I know I'm biased but to me this is one of the best views in the world; words cannot describe just how much I love looking at it.

Mowing begins.

 Hay bales drying in the sun.

The Nu checks out the quality of the farmers work - she approved.

 The field was even more delightful in the golden light of the summer evening.

 Look at the quality of that light - gorgeous.

 In the next field over we have some equally photogenic cows to delight us.

Breathing in deeply and sighing hugely in contentment.
Sometimes it's the simplest things to be grateful for.


  1. I love the the smell that comes off the fields here at first cut. And you're right, if one can see them from a bedroom window, as we can, then that's a bonus :)

  2. The smell of newly mown hay or grass drifting through the bedroom window on a warm summer night should be one of the overriding memories of childhood - for me it was the smell of freshly mown grass in the churchyard.