Sunday, 24 May 2015


Jean-Luc has been busy recycling over the last few weekends.
It started when he went to mow the lawn at the Bank Holiday weekend at the beginning of May; only to find that the shed was leaning so much that he could barely get the door open far enough to reach the rake but definitely not the lawn mower.  

The shed had been engaged in a slow collapse ever since we moved in and had spent most of its life with us wrapped up in blue tarpaulin in an attempt to keep the rain off.
Jean-Luc decided its time was up and so down it came.

We piled the wood in the yard and then Jean-Luc had a brain wave.
'You know I was going to use pallets to build that compost heap?  Well that wood's only rotten at the ends so I'll use that.'... and so he did.

After some careful measuring and work with the jigsaw there was a back, sides and centre wall.

It was cuprinoled and the lids were added.
The little pegs you can see drying inside are to hold the slats that make up the front in place.

Jean-Luc then felted the lids.

Notice how the lids slope from front to back to shed rain off the lawn - brilliant.

And here's the finished bin -  the pegs hold in the front slats that are movable to enable me to add material without taking the lids off.  When the time comes for turning or emptying I can easily remove the front and top to get at the compost.

The much smaller pile of waste wood.
It's amazing what you can do with a tape measure, a saw, some nails, screwdriver, bolts and a very able and talented man.
Jean-Luc - carpenter and wonderful husband-type guy.


  1. Wonderfull!! You know I am a big fan of recycling and we do it a lot around here too. Making your own compost is such a savings and you know what went into. Happy composting!

  2. I love it if we can recycle old stuff into something new. Having a man who can do practical stuff is such a god/ goddess send. I can't wait to start using the compost in the greenhouse and veggie beds next year.

  3. WOW!

    Really, Great work. I am appreciate you effort.