Monday, 25 May 2015

Blue and Green should never be seen...

... of course they should; especially in a bluebell wood in May!

Bank Holiday Weekend and Jean-Luc and I headed off to one of our favourite places for a walk.
Imagine our delight to find the woods were full of bluebells.
The scent was delicious.

 The camera doesn't do justice to the colour - a dusty, deep blue that verges on violet set against the most vibrant spring greens all set in dappled light.
Hmm I feel quilt inspiration coming on. :-)

 We wandered off our usual route and went exploring and found this lovely beach with a very picturesque stream and bridge running down into it.

We walked through beautiful spring woods and picnicked by the side of the reservoir; sadly the camera ran out of battery so we only have a few pictures of a glorious day.

We followed the streams from the reservoir and came to the river that runs through the wood; it wends it way through sedimentary rocks and boulders creating channels and mini rapids and pebble beaches.
Beautiful, serene and completely enchanting.


  1. What a beautiful spot! I always wanted a stream or brook on our property when we were looking for a place to buy, sadly the brook is down the road and not on our property. It was always on my wish list but I guess you can't have everything on your wish list. Thanks for sharing this beautiful spot.

  2. It looks like a fabulous day, and all those bluebells, wow!

  3. I know, they're gorgeous and i will definitely be sewing a quilt based on them.