Sunday, 2 November 2014

This Weekend

This weekend we have been...

...eating and cooking...
chorizo and chick pea soup with herby croutons (made from stale bread)

 turkey meat balls

sausage sandwiches

...cuprinoling the veggie bed surrounds...

...checking on the greenhouse and harvesting the last of the chillies...

 delicious rainbow chard
jewel like Scotch Bonnet chillies

...admiring the Autumn colours...
 a sign that Christmas is on its way
cotoneaster berries - the birds love these

...hemming rags made from worn out sheets - we don't buy dusters anymore...
...and some of us have been catching up on beauty sleep...

I hope you had a great weekend - please leave a comment and tell me about yours.


  1. We've been eating the last of our tomatoes this weekend - it's been so mild they're still turning red in the greenhouse! Love your cat curled up nice and cosy xx

    1. Hi and thanks for dropping by.
      Lucky you, I'm beginning to wish I'd not stripped my greenhouse out it's been so warm. Hasn't it been a fantastic veg growing year?
      Cosy cat has become welded to the quilt - I think she may be auditioning for pantomime Sleeping Beauty; although she's more Dozy and Grumpy when she wakes up.

  2. We had a big family party for the our elder daughter to celebrate her birthday, and apart from eat, drink and be merry I seem to have done very little!

    1. Happy Birthday to Elder Daughter and may it be a joy filled year for her. xx