Monday, 17 November 2014

Idling Away

I'm afraid this is a very lazy post as I'm responding to questions from John's blog at Going Gently.
Please feel free to join in with your answers.

A) What does the last text you sent say? And to whom?
Mint aero! We’ve got fizzy @ home. Xxx.  To
my husband on his way back from the pub via the shop
B) What does the last text you received say? And from whom?
Love you xxx. From the above.

C) What time do you usually wake up?
.7.30 on a work day – later at the weekend

D) Are you afraid of walking alone at night?
No, bizarrely I’ve never been afraid, not even walking home from the pub across parks, commons, through alleys or shrubs or through city streets – apparently this is pretty unusual for a woman; perhaps growing up in the country and playing hide and seek in the woods as a child made me realise that if anyone does try to come at you from in the bushes you’ll probably hear them before they get to you.  It also taught me that what sounds like a small elephant in the undergrowth is usually a blackbird looking for food – boy are those birds noisy!

E) What do you do to relax at the end of a stressful day?
I should say I pedal away my stress on the exercise bike but sadly it’s as equal a choice with vegging out in front of Judge Judy – my secret shame.

F) Where did your last kiss take place and with whom?
Yesterday morning with aforesaid husband in the bedroom…nuff said.

G) Do/did you get into trouble a lot at school?
Not much but I did get hauled up in front of assembly at primary school with my sister and friend for climbing up onto the canteen porch.

H) Do you enjoy your job? If unemployed, are you content being so?
I’ve always enjoyed my job; once I realised how much time I would spend at work I promised myself I wouldn’t do a job I didn’t love – until this year that was so; now I don’t know – I think I’m having a midlife work crisis.

I) Do you often pick up on double entendres and innuendos?
Oh yes! I blame a childhood of watching ‘Carry On’ films.

J) Have you ever been offered drugs but declined?
Never been offered drugs so the opportunity to decline them has not arisen.

K) Have you ever met someone who has completely altered your way of thinking?
I think all the people that have influenced me I’ve met through books – Marion Zimmer Bradley’s writing was a huge influence on my later teenage years with her strong female protagonists.  More recently Rhonda Hetzel’s ‘Down to Earth’ blog has been hugely helpful in cementing some of my thinking on sustainable living.

L) Have you ever been offered drugs and accepted?

M) Tell us something weird that turns you on.
Well it doesn’t turn me on per se but I do like sniffing my cats paws.  I've been told that's weird.

N) When did someone last admit romantic or sexual feelings for you? Was the feeling mutual?
Err sometime this week and yes it was mutual – thankfully it’s always mutual with y husband.

O) What is something you have given a lot of thought to lately?
My career and what I want to do for the next 17 odd years that I have left to work.

P) When did you last swallow your beliefs to avoid an argument or confrontation?
Yesterday when aforesaid husband bought a whole host of modern chemical laden cleaning materials to do the windows with rather than using hot water and vinegar.  Deep breath – he’s cleaning the windows and that’s a good thing.

Q) Do you usually initiate hugs?
Depends on the person.

R) Are you a very affectionate person?
See above answer

S) Can you roll your own cigarettes?
Yes but so loosely that most of the tobacco has fallen out before it’s halfway through a smoke – I don’t smoke, I have a valet to do that for me – doesn’t every lady ;-)

T) What are you looking forward to?
The Future

U) Do you have any tattoos. Do you want any/more?
No. I have a slight hankering for a trail of cat paw prints up my spine but the cat walks all over me already so why encourage her.

V) Are you mentally strong?
I think it depends on the crisis – if I lost my husband or sister I think I would find it hard to be strong.

W) Are you physically strong?
I used to be when I worked outside 8 hours a day but now sadly arthritis and the aging process are taking their toll.

X) Do you think you’re a good person?
I’d like to say yes but I know I’m too prone to bad temper, impatience, forgetfulness and plain idleness to be truly good.

Y) Name one thing you wish you could change about your life right now.
I think I like my life so I’d be careful about wishing for anything to change – wishes can be far too mischievous in how they are granted for my liking – they need to be hedged around with so many limitations to make sure they don’t cause more damage than benefit.  On second thoughts maybe enough money to pay the mortgage off – not so much life changing as useful.

Z) What do you usually eat for breakfast
A muffin with coffee when I’m in the office; toast and honey with coffee when I’m working at home; sausage sandwich or poached egg on toast with coffee at the weekend – always coffee though – the nectar of the gods.

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