Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Maiming of the Shrew

This post is not for the faint hearted. 
For the last couple of weeks the Nu has been exploring her inner hunter and has been enacting performances every other night of that famous feline Elizabethan play 'The Maiming of the Shrew' (huge apologies to William Shakespeare for that appalling pun).

With the surrounding fields full of ripe grass seeds the rodent population has reached its annual peak.  For a cat that has never hunted before this has provided a whole new experience for her.
Domestic cats kill a huge number of native wildlife and hunting should not be encouraged unless your cat is a professional hunter such as on a farm or in a warehouse.  We will be looking at a bell to discourage her if this habit continues.

 I think there's something in here!

Yes there's definitely something under here!

 See I told you.  There was something under the shed.

 Ok What do I do with this now?

I know; I'll leave it here for my humans to clean up.  The floor needs a sweep anyway.

Along with the presents of random rodents; she's also been enacting fairy stories in the bedroom.
A nightly telling of 'The Princess and the Pea'.
Her forays into the back field have meant she comes back covered in cleavers seeds which then drop off on the duvet cover as she grooms, leaving small, hard pea like seeds that work their way into the bed or onto the floor awaiting the innocent foot to step on it.
I know, I know we could shut the bedroom door but I don't think I could stand the pitiful meiowing that would result; and frankly, it's preferable to the soggy, rain soaked moggy that snuggled its way into a warm bed to dry off last night.
We suffer for her art.

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