Thursday, 7 August 2014


 It's back
The Great British Bake Off once more graces our screens.

Oh frabjous joy, oh finger licking fun.
I have waited oh so patiently and shall now spend one hour on Wednesday evenings in a self imposed circle of isolation.
No talking allowed, crochet at the ready as I indulge in this most British of programmes.
Elegant nibbles, delicate pastries, mouthwatering savouries and stonkingly large cakes will adorn the television and provide inspiration for bakers across the country.

I love everything about this programme.  The stern but encouraging judges, the impish and greedy presenters (fighting over who gets to lick the spoon like two kids), the charismatic, chaotic and brave bakers, the pastel country chic set, the delicate drawings of each contestants bakes.
Amidst worries of climate change, peak oil, redundancy, the creeping privatisation of the public sector, austerity and Russia's seeming determination to start World War 3; this is a beacon of calm and joy;
and by the gods I'm going to enjoy it - now pass that cake plate.

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