Monday, 23 June 2014

Making Hay

We're very lucky.  We live in a real farming community.  There are loads of people who don't earn their living on the land, like Jean-Luc and myself; but there are lots who do.
One of the farmers farms the field behind our house for hay and once that has been cut and gathered and the fresh grass has grown again, for young cattle.  The hay will be used to feed his livestock over winter.
The farmer cut his hay about 3 weeks ago, last week he turned it so it would dry out evenly.

 Turning the hay.

Today it's hot and the sun is out and it's haymaking weather.

This machine gathers the hay up into heaped up rows.

This one is the baler, it gathers up the hay and turns it into nice, neat, easier to handle bales.
They drop out the back all neatly parceled up.

It's hot, dusty and noisy work with big machines.  But it's the reality of farming - the job that puts food on all our tables and so here's a big Thank You from a very small and very grateful corner of the blogiverse.

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