Monday, 16 June 2014

Oh Those Pretty Things

It's June, the summer solstice will soon be upon us and the garden is at its peak of flowering beauty. 
So right now the borders are a riot of colour, full of bees and hoverflies vying for pollen; full of jewel like colours that would not disgrace a pirates treasure chest.

 Lysimachia - it looks so innocently pretty doesn't it.

Hordes of Lysimachia marching on the rest of the garden - good job I'm such a sucker for its golden yellow stars. :-)

 The beautiful Johnson's Blue cranesbill - one of my must haves.

 Fox and cubs

 Red geums and orange Californian poppies - sunshine on a stick.

 More cranesbills, fox and cubs with Lychnis, a delicious cerise pink with furry green-grey leaves.

 and of course the prettiest thing in the whole garden is sitting there on the right of the picture. 
She sure knows how to look photogenic.

Somehow it just seems right that nature has her best party frocks on for the Summer Solstice.
A happy longest day to you all.

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