Thursday, 28 January 2016

Sunsets, Stupidity and Suds

 The most amazing skies last night.  If you put these colours together in a quilt it'd probably look garish but somehow nature does it so much better.
 When we were children we used to call this sky blue pink.

Sometimes I have very small moments of stupidity.  I've been stalking  Persephone Books' website for sometime now, admiring them and sighing over the titles; finally I took the plunge and ordered my first book, the first of my grand vision of a whole shelf of them looking splendid and intellectual.  Obviously if I can picture that spendiferous shelf I must a more than passing familiarity with what these books look like, after all they all have the same, rather austere, outer cover (and sumptuously individual and tempting inner end plates).   So why, oh why has it never dawned on me that one of my lovely and generous friends had already bought me a Persephone Book and it has been gracing my shelves for over two years at least.  Nil points for observation I think.

.It's been raining - again - and in time honoured tradition (well in this house anyway) I made some laundry liquid.  Nine litres of the stuff, which will keep us going for several months.  Soap grates in an amazingly similar way to cheese; I'm thinking it must be something to do with similar fat contents; making soap definitely high in calories; thank goodness it's not edible.


  1. Love the sunset! I love making my own laundry soap and when I walk by the laundry soap isle in the stores I smile to myself. Saving Money!

  2. Absolutely - and it smells better! We ran out recently in the floods,I didn't have time to make more and husband bought some laundry powder - our bedsheets stunk, very hard to sleep in over perfumed sheets. Smiling now we're back to normal :-)