Sunday, 29 November 2015

Outside and Inside

This weekend the weather has been horrendous.
Gale force winds and torrential downpours.

The transitional pond in the field has reappeared and the garden resembles a small swamp.
We went to the pub on Friday; I was about ten minutes behind Jean-Luc he was dropping something off to a friend en route and I was delayed by an unexpected hairball find on the bath room rug.
He had a brisk walk in the high winds, I plodded along in the high winds and torrential downpour and arrived soaked through from the thighs down.
Luckily the fire was lit and I gently steamed in front of it for about half an hour.
Yesterday wasn't much better and today was more of the same.

Today is the switch on of the village christmas lights; a great community event with a local brass band, pubs serving mulled wine, children running around excited and a communal countdown.  Normally I love it but at the moment I'm not really up for crowds.

So Jean-Luc decided that from now on we will set up our christmas tree on the same day as the village switch on and so we did.
There are a lot of lights on it - Jean-Luc likes lights.

I added some homemade decorations.
It feels quite cosy as I snuggle down with a cup of mint tea and listen to the wind and rain roaring outside.


  1. The weather sounds frightful - I hope things calm down soon. I like the lights on your tree ... white lights are in vogue here but I have always used the multi-colour ones. They're so cheery. :)

  2. Your tree is beautiful! I think homemade ornaments are the best.