Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Roses and Rollerskating.

Love is.....

When you've gone down with the same cold virus for the 3rd time along with viral asthma and driven your poor man to the spare room with your incessant coughing and wheezing, in search of sleep; he returns from essential weekend shopping (the Nu ran out of food) with.....

 ......some beautiful red roses that absolutely glow in the sunlight.

 Love is......
Going to a cold warehouse on a cold, rainy day to watch your husband suddenly rediscover an old hobby as he takes on a friends daughter in a 'skate off' - the 'old man' turned out to be surprisingly good and after the first couple of circuits the young lady retired from competition for slushies with her friends. :-)

Jean-Luc enjoyed himself so much that he (plus friends and I) have been back again and again.  So much so that we bought him a pair of these.  It's been a great rediscovery as it really helps him relax and of course it's great exercise.  
And what about me I hear you ask; am I also a closet athlete on the floor?  Sadly not; at best I resemble Bambi on the ice; my forte is in applauding, gasping at near misses involving uncoordinated and small children about a third of the size of these giants and keeping the skaters supplied with water.

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  1. Oh! Your roses are absolutely beautiful and how sweet of him. Your are a lucky lady indeed!
    How great to discover a sport from the past and fall in love with it all over again. Great exercise indeed. I am afraid I would be like you on the side lines as I have never tried roller skating and I am sure I would need lots of bottom padding...lol. Enjoy a great outing with friends!