Monday, 29 September 2014

Harrogate Quilt Show 2014

Sadly we didn't get to Yarndale last weekend as we were still recovering from the plague.
However, I did make it to the Harrogate Quilt Show in August, with the village quilting group; and so here is a purely personal tour through some of the gorgeous works of art that were there.  
I do have to apologise as I stupidly didn't take any notes of the names of the talented artists who appear here.

Prepare to be amazed by the skill and sheer creativity that these quilts display.

The show had masses of top quality vendors selling an amazing range of  fabulous fabrics, haberdashery and equipment - heaven.

My favourite quilt from the whole show was this one.
It was stunning.  An amazing landscape that was redolent of  the stark beauty of the desert.  The level of skill this quilt displays just struck me speechless - I had to go back three times just to look at it again.
Here are some close ups of it so you can share it's gorgeousness.
 Pieced star and machine quilting

 A fantastic range of colours build up into rocks, mountains and vistas of startling beauty.

The quilting, embroidery and dew like crystals add to texture and sumptuousness of this utterly wonderful quilt.
Did I mention this one was my favourite?

 And then I found these jackets. Wow!

Wearable art.

There was a lot of tweed being used in really interesting and inventive ways and I bought some beautiful scraps to play with - really bright and cheerful colours, not the usual muddy colours we tend to associate with tweed.  A real eye opener for me and one of the best reasons to go to a show - to have your boundaries expanded.

 These two quilts were made by the same artist.  I love the landscape - it's so three dimensional and quintessentially British, with a really subtle use of colour and tone.
The one below is a masterpiece of piecing (unintentional pun there) made from hexagons and diamonds.

There were miniatures - absolute gems of loveliness.
Yes that quilt really is that tiny one on the middle left between the two ladies.

 This absolute miracle of piecing was stunningly gorgeous and for some reason reminded me of  blueberry ripple ice cream.  Just look at the precision and crispness of that piecing! 

 There was applique - this one reminded me of an Arts and Crafts tapestry.
Exquisite applique with bees and dragonflies.

And finally - I don't really do celebrity worshipping but in the midst of all this artistry and sewing skill I espied this man...
Stewart Hillard, one of the contestants from the 1st Great British Sewing Bee.  He was charming, polite and in no way fazed by my asking to take a photo.  Of course he didn't see me then dart behind a stall and frantically text my sister with the news - she was equally thrilled - whilst jumping up and down with glee.   
Some people are just a pleasure to meet and Stewart Hillard was one.

It was energising, inspiring and full of gobsmackingly, achingly beautiful quilts.  The women who made them are true artists and it was a privilege and a pleasure to view their work.

I've got loads of ideas, some fabulous fabric to try out...all I need now is some time to do it all in.

I hope you enjoy this small selection of a truly amazing exhibition.

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