Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Jungle Fever

There's nothing like it.

The heat, the humidity, the smell of green growing things all around you.
The dappled light shining through the leaves, the feeling of hidden eyes staring at you through the dense vegetation.
The sound of water as it drip, drip, drips through the canopy.
The knowledge that if you step off the path you could be quickly lost.
The uncertainty of the path ahead as you peer through the green wall of leaves and stems.

Yes I've been into the greenhouse and the tomato plants definitely need their leaves thinning out.
In a greenhouse that is 8 feet long, their leaves are so dense I can't see the other end of the path, let alone the back glass wall.

I'm fairly sure if I listen carefully I can hear parakeets squawking in the distance and the steady chant of ant work parties as they move deeper into the jungle to build more sugar cube temples.

I think some well judged defoliation is needed, if only so the tomatoes can ripen up; oh yes there are some in amongst all that leafage.

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