Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Nu Home

I thought it was time to give an update on the Nu. Over the last seven months she has gone from a city cat who had never known grass under her paws, only tarmac and cobbles and a tiny territory, whose borders had to be constantly patrolled to repel invaders and which were constantly threatened by dogs and cars. 

 The 'Evil One' - the Nu's arch nemesis at the old house.

Now she is a relaxed country cat with a core territory of 1800 square feet, as well as several adjacent gardens and the cattle field out the back.  It's been a delight to watch her discover her new home and she has really blossomed. 
We put her in a cattery for a week while we physically moved and got a few really disruptive jobs done, like the built in bookcases and bedroom furniture constructed.  She was obviously a bit nervous and scared at being in a completely new place but it helped having furniture and things out that smelt of her and the fact that I took a couple of days off to settle her in.

The big interest for her was the garden and for the first couple of days she kept to the confines of the yard by the house. However, things really changed for her when after a couple of weeks we got the cat flap put in.  It was a bit of a specialised job as it was put into double glazed French windows so we got an expert in to put it in - under her supervision of course!

What is this thing?
Did you say this was for the larger cat?  How very dare you!

Soon the Nu was happy exploring the garden and we became accustomed to the clitter-clatter of the catflap as she went in and out and she soon laid claim to conifer as her outside den.  The thick branches mean it keeps dry in winter and cool in summer - perfect for a cat to rest under.
And perfect to ambush your humans from as they walk down the garden.

Her next big step was discovering the field at the bottom of the garden, which has a handy gate in it for cats to climb through.

The barbed wire is to stop the inhabitants of the field - something the Nu has never come across before - cows.
Her first view of them sent her racing up the garden with her fur on end and a very fluffy tail, but she's used to them now and has explored right up to the pond on the right hand side of the field.

She's made friends with the locals.

Had her own path put in the garden - gravel is no fun for delicate paws

Supervised building works
And explored the neighbours roofs.

We think she's happy.

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